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Global Net Productions

Film and Video Stock Footage Library

Our 30+ years of award winning footage is sourced from 16mm film, U-matic, Batacam-SP, HD, 4K RED ONE and 5k RED EPIC digital cinema cameras.
Specializing in Mount St. Helens, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, disasters, disaster preparedness, History, Native American, African American and Racial Reconciliation with footage from USA, Canada, Mexico, Africa, Caribbean (Barbados and The Dominican Republic), South America, and Europe.
Other themes include: Ground, aerials, animals, mountains, lakes, oceans, waterfalls, underwater, canyons, sunrise, sunset, night/twilight, clouds, countryside, wildlife, people, US and world cities, social/news, technology, modern life, and motion.
We are currently finding the best way to do online footage previews and downloads so check back with us.
Global Net Productions produces and edits original programs incorporating production materials including original footage, music animations and effects into its library. Custom materials can be specifically ordered, shot or created for a client. Please contact us for more information regarding our production and post-production services.
Call for catalog, custom demo reels and pricing contact us.

(360) 387-8222