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Fire Mountains

Fire Mountains

They’re beautiful, majestic... and potentially deadly. They’re unpredictable sleeping giants, capable of awakening at any time. And they’re right in America’s backyard. Explore in this video the potential destructive power of some of the world’s most dangerous volcanoes right in the Cascade mountain range along the U.S. Pacific Coast, including:

• Mount Rainier
• Mount St. Helens
• Mount Shasta
• Mount Hood
• Crater Lake
• Mount Lassen
• Mount Baker
• Glacier Peak

Learn why the eruption of any one of these volcanoes could be bigger than Mount St. Helens’ infamous 1980 eruption. Explore the danger facing the millions of people who live in the path of these potentially explosive Fire Mountains. Join scientists and volcano experts as they describe the history of previous devastating eruptions and warn of the specific hazards each volcano presents today. Includes vivid 3D animation, sweeping, breathtaking aerial, ground, and scenic footage of these fascinating Fire Mountains of the West.

$19.95 DVD (Public Performance License, $250) 

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Video or DVD $24.95 plus S/H (Receive a 10% discount when you purchase "Fire Mountains of the West" and "The Fire Below Us: Remembering Mount St. Helens". Discount only good when ordering by phone. Call us at 360-387-8222.)


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