healing America's wounds

Deep racial and spiritual wounds exist in America today hindering evangelism. Why do we still struggle with them? How are we to respond as Christians? What role should the Church play in reconciliation?

Hosted by John Dawson, author of the best-selling books, "Healing America's Wounds" and "Taking our Cities for God" and founder of the International Reconciliation Coalition. A popular and much in demand speaker, he is the leading visionary at the forefront of a growing worldwide reconciliation movement.

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"Reconciliation is perhaps the biggest single item on the agenda of Almighty God right now..." – Pastor Jack W. Hayford

"Healing America's Wounds is a high quality, powerful video series on the growing movement of repentance and racial reconciliation... which I believe is the single most powerful tool for completing the Great Commission here in America and around the world." – C. Peter Wagner, Fuller Theological Seminary

EPISODE ONE: Broken Walls, Wounded Spirits
From the painful legacy of the African American slavery to the mistreatment and genocide of Native Americans, journey through history to explore the roots of America's major wounds and how they still affect us today. Learn how the Church has sometime contributed to the pain, but also discover the healing role Christians now can play through repentance and reconciliation. Combining stunning historical footage and compelling narrative, this dramatic documentary powerfully illustrates God's heart toward a wounded America.

EPISODE TWO: How To Be A Reconciler
Discover how you can be an agent of healing through the steps of confession, repentance, reconciliation and restitution. Explore how God can use you and your identity to bring healing to your Church and Community. Through practical teaching and models of successful reconciliation, learn how to remove barriers to evangelism and help spark revival.

Jack Hayford, Bill McCartney, Bill Bright, C. Peter Wagner, Ted Haggard, Bishop Phillip Porter, Raleigh Washington, Ed Silvoso, Cindy Jacobs, Peter Marshall, Stephen McDowell, Jean Steffenson, Russell Begaye, Shirley Little Dove, Silas Correa, Bob Beckett, Dutch Sheets, Pat Chen and many others...