Healing America's Wounds

Healing America's Wounds

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Healing America's Wounds (2-Part video) 
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From the mistreatment and genocide of Native Americans, to the painful legacy of African American slavery, journey through history to explore the roots of America’s major wounds and how these acts of injustice and oppression still affect us today.  Violence, crime, racial hatred and poverty increase in our communities daily. How are Christians to respond to these issues?
Learn how the Church at times, has contributed to these historical wounds, and discover the role Christians can have, through repentance and reconciliation, to bring healing and break down barriers to evangelism.
This dramatic, two-part documentary series is hosted by John Dawson and is based on his best-selling book, “Healing America’s Wounds.”
Bonus Materials:
Program 1: Broken Walls, Wounded Hearts
Program 2:  How to be a Reconciler
Native Apology Resolution DVD
Native American Resource Network Promo DVD
Reconciliation Toolkit & Study Guide
What Every Christian Should Know about Reconciliation Booklet

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“Reconciliation is perhaps the biggest item on the agenda of Almighty God right now...”
–Jack Hayford, Chancellor, The King’s University

Healing America’s Wounds is a high-quality, powerful video series on the growing movement of repentance and racial reconciliation... which I believe is the single most powerful tool for completing the Great Commission here in America and around the world”.
–C. Peter Wagner, Fuller Theological Seminary

Format: DVD All Regions
Audio: English
Length/Run Time:  130 Minutes
Produced By: Michael Lienau
Directed By: Michael Lienau, Lisa Hingson
MPAA Rating: Not Rated


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